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The Introverted Influencer™

We train & equip introverts to influence.

Helping Introverts Influence the World.

We provide personal growth and professional development for introverts who want to influence the world.

The Introverted Influencer™

cc leahy

Feel like introversion is holding you back?

It's time to have success on your own terms...

Are you tired of being talked over, passed over for promotion, or ridiculed simply for having an introverted personality? Would you like to learn how to embrace your unique power, use your voice to speak to your tribe, and influence the world? If you want to know how, just ask CC.

CC Leahy is The Introverted Influencer™

Even as a die-hard introvert, CC has harnessed the power of her own introversion. She taught herself to command the attention of 15,000 people while being a part of a traveling production. CC has been working with web design & digital marketing for 10+ years. In 2018, she brought in $250,000 in revenue with just 3 online events. She’s successfully navigated the labyrinth of extroverted entrepreneurs and discovered strategies to make introversion a strength in business and in life. She can help you do the same.


We Can Help You

Monthly Training

Reserve just 2 hours a month to learn from a digital marketing expert. You'll grow your list, earn more revenue, and build a stronger business.

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7-Day intensives

You'll get daily training modules, 2 x 1-1 coaching calls, 1 x feedback recorded session that will teach you exactly what to get done in just 1 week.

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3-Day XP

Come spend 3 days in a beautiful locale with a small group of amazing go-giver entrepreneurs & learn how to create more revenue for your business.

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Embrace your introverted influence.

Our training & implementation strategies will give you the confidence and freedom to find personal & professional success – on your own terms.  Join other introverts who want to influence the world.