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3-Day XP

The 3-Day XP is our hybrid workshop & retreat experience.

The Introverted Influencer ™ 3-Day XP

Our one-of-a- kind retreat and workshop experience is especially for introverts who are compelled by their passion to collaborate, connect, and contribute their wisdom and experience to their tribe. Each of our 3-Day Experiences are for “go-giver” entrepreneurs and non-profits who want to learn how to create online courses, membership sites, virtual summits, and more!

How do I know if this is right for me?

Where are you?

Where are you in your business? Really. Be brutally honest with yourself. Are you comfortable or are you craving change? Are you courageous enough to admit you still have a mountain to climb and are you curious enough about what's at the top of that mountain?

Why do you want it?

What makes your heart light up? What keeps you awake at night? What change do you want to see before your career ends? Are you on a mission to serve yourself or something much bigger than yourself?

Where do you want to be?

What's next? Are you willing to dream beyond what you think you're worth, what you think you can do, and what you think you can be?

How will you get there?

Have you created a solid strategic plan for climbing the [next] mountain? Do you have the team, the right skills, and the right network to push you to the top?

3 Days Could Change Everything...

Check out this exclusive invitation to join me and a small group of “go-givers” at our next 3-day experience.